Service Provided

Bulk Freight
Our core business lies in bulk freight logistics solutions
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A convenient station-to-station service by rail
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Passenger Service
Focusing on the needs of long-distance passengers
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TransNamib has a vast property portfolio across the country
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What we offer

Our properties offer scope, synergies and opportunities for rentals, warehousing,
storage and transshipment of cargo at railhead, stations, sidings
The transfers of goods to from one mode to another mode of transfer will be efficiently done at the “end – stations
Fully accredited with Customs and Excise as an in-bond facility which means Customs clearing procedures can be executed
Heavy Industry
Focusing on transportation of heavy commodities such as motor vehicles, tractors, hardware, machineries, pipes, bottles, electrical appliances, amongst others
Through its Logistics infrastructure (i.e. Stations, etc.), TransNamib will seek to create Intermodal Hubs (nodes) to further enhance the Rail-to-all-modes national logistics model
Passenger services are mainly focused on the needs of economy class long distance passengers, leisure / tourist and private trains