Explore the vast potential of TransNamib’s extensive property portfolio, setting the stage for strategic growth and development in Namibia’s real estate landscape as well as value added solutions for our rail customers.

As the second-largest property owner in Namibia, next only to the Government, TransNamib boasts a diverse range of properties categorised into operational and commercial assets.

Our Properties Business Unit is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of these assets through meticulous development and proactive management, focusing on key areas:

  • Property Administration: We excel in lease and contract management, ensuring seamless tenant relationships and optimised revenue streams.
  • Revenue Growth: Our goal is to boost tenant occupancy rates, driving sustained revenue growth and enhancing property utilisation.
  • Cost Optimisation: Through prudent cost management and containment strategies, we minimise municipal expenses and maximise profitability.
  • Capital Value Enhancement: We prioritise property maintenance, upgrades, and new developments to enhance asset value and market appeal.
  • Risk Management: We mitigate property-related risks through robust insurance coverage, innovative design solutions, and comprehensive security measures.

At TransNamib, our Properties Business Unit is committed to managing assets efficiently, securing rental income, and contributing significantly to our company’s financial performance. We aim to capitalise on rising demand for prime properties and solidify our position as a key player in Namibia’s dynamic real estate market.

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey to transform our properties into vibrant hubs of opportunity and prosperity, driving sustainable growth and economic development across the nation. TransNamib Properties – where vision meets value, creating a brighter future for all.

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