TransNamib has the second largest property portfolio in the country after the Government of Namibia.  TransNamib’s properties are divided into two categories namely, namely operational and commercial.

The primary role of TransNamib’s Properties business unit is the development and administration/management of the company’s property portfolio.

Key Thrusts

  • Property Administration: Lease/Contracts Management
  • Revenue Growth: Increase occupancy rate of Tenants
  • Cost cutting and containment – Municipal costs
  • Capital Value Growth: Property Maintenance/Upgrading and New Developments
  • Managing of Property Related risks: Insurance, Design, and Security against vandalism

The Properties business unit aims to manage TransNamib’s properties effectively and efficiently in order to secure rental income and contribute to the company’s bottom line. It furthermore aims to capitalise on the increasing demand of prime property and would like to position itself as a key role player in the property market.