Office of the CEO

Welcome to the dynamic leadership of TransNamib, where our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leads a dedicated Executive Committee (EXCO) to drive strategic vision and operational excellence.

At TransNamib, the CEO’s office oversees critical functions that are instrumental to our success:

  • Strategy and Stakeholder Management: Our CEO spearheads strategic initiatives and cultivates relationships with key stakeholders to drive sustainable growth.
  • Technical Advisor: Leveraging technical expertise, the CEO provides guidance on complex operational matters and infrastructure development.
  • Company Secretary: Ensuring compliance with corporate governance requirements and facilitating effective communication between the Board and management.Our CEO oversees legal matters, providing strategic direction and legal expertise to safeguard TransNamib’s interests.
  • Internal Audit: Upholding transparency and accountability, the CEO’s office oversees internal audit functions to enhance operational efficiency and risk management.
  • Risk & Compliance: Mitigating risks and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards, the CEO’s office champions a culture of compliance across the organisation.
  • Foundations: Driving corporate social responsibility initiatives, the CEO’s office fosters community engagement and impactful partnerships.
  • Health, Safety, and Loss Control: Prioritising employee well-being and operational safety, the CEO oversees comprehensive health, safety, and loss prevention measures.
  • Corporate Communications: Facilitating effective communication internally and externally, the CEO’s office promotes transparency and engagement to uphold TransNamib’s reputation.

Under the leadership of our CEO and the dedicated EXCO, TransNamib is committed to delivering exceptional service, advancing our strategic goals, and driving positive impact for our stakeholders and communities. Join us on our journey of transformation and innovation in the transportation sector.

Contact us: +26481 958 2013