Strategic Intent

TransNamib’s Integrated Business Strategic Plan (ISBP) for the period 2018/2019 to 2022/23 was approved by the cabinet in December 2018. In February 2019, Works and Transport Minister, Honourable John Mutorwa and Public Enterprise Minister, Honourable Leon Jooste jointly launched the ISBP. Inaugurating the Board of Directors in February 2019, Honourable Mutorwa strongly emphasised on the respect for the rule of law, the Namibian Constitution, NDP 5, Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), Public Procurement Act, Public Private Partnership (PPP) Act, Transport Policy, the Finance Act, Companies Act, amongst others. On his part, Honourable Jooste emphasised on the issues of good governance and accountability. He further said that “Let’s start a new page”.

This event also marked the launch of TransNamib’s new five-year (ISBP) which aims at positioning TransNamib as a profitable and sustainable company.  At the launch, TransNamib CEO, Johny Smith said that “today marks the beginning of a new era for TransNamib where we can collectively work together to advance strategic support to the executive team of TransNamib to take this very important and strategic company forward”.

The strategic objectives of this plan are to position TransNamib as a profitable and sustainable company.   This will be done through:

  • Breakthrough Financial Performance – TransNamib should be commercially self sustaining, achieving break-even position in 2022.
  • Trustworthy Customer Experience – By 2023 TransNamib ought to have a portfolio of Rail Transport Agreements amounting to 3 million metric tonnes per annum. The TransNamib Brand inspires trust and confidence and is consistently rated among the most exciting railway brands in the SADC region.
  • Organisational Excellence – By 2023, TransNamib has a best in class management system and is certified ISO 9001.
  • Inspiring and Accountable Leadership – By 2023, TransNamib is ranked in the Top 5 Best Company to Work for in Namibia as per the Deloitte Best Company Survey.