Executive Team

The Board appoints the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to run the Company on its behalf. The CEO is responsible for leading the implementation and execution of the approved strategy, policy and operational planning, and serves as the principal link between management and the Board.

The CEO is mandated to ensure that the day-to-day business affairs of the Company are appropriately managed by executive management and that the necessary systems and controls are in place for effective risk management.

Mr Johny Smith
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Date appointed – February 2018
Area of expertise: Leadership, Strategy, Transport, Logistics, Business Planning, Operations Management

Mr Cornwell Chadya
Executive: Finance

Date appointed – February 2020
Area of expertise: Financial accounting and auditing

Mr Bertus Eksteen
Executive: Engineering & Technical Services

Date appointed – June 2022
Area of expertise: Management, Fleet Management, Maintenance Management, Engineering, Project Management, and Organisational Behaviour 

Ms Alynsia Platt
Executive: Properties

Date appointed – May 2019
Area of expertise: Real estate development, negotiation, brokerage, short sales

Mr Webster Gonzo
Executive: Human Capital

Date reappointed – October 2019
Area of expertise: negotiation, training, talent and career development, coaching and mentoring

Mr Logan Fransman
Executive: Technology and Innovation

Date appointed – July 2019
Area of expertise: ability to understand and work with different PC, operating systems and platforms

Ms Anneline Black
Executive: Operations

Date appointed – February 2020
Area of expertise:  Logistics including (Transportation, Operations, Procurement, Warehousing) and Strategic Management

Mr Mberipura Hifitikeko
Executive: Corporate Services

Date appointed – February 2020
Area of expertise: Strategy, Risk Management, Regulation & Compliance, Quality Assurance and Stakeholder Management