Executive Team

Mr Desmond Van Jaarsveld
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Date appointed – April 2024
Area of expertise:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Strategy design and implementation
  • Employee engagement
  • Business turnaround
  • Mentoring
Mr Kendall Swartz
Executive: Commercial and Marketing

Date appointed – April 2023

Area of expertise: Business Development, Aggressive Sales Strategy, Marketing, Communications,

Mr Mberipura Hifitikeko
Executive: Corporate Services

Date appointed – February 2020
Area of expertise: Strategy, Risk Management, Regulation & Compliance, Quality Assurance and Stakeholder Management 

Mr Bertus Eksteen
Executive: Engineering & Technical Services

Date appointed – June 2022
Area of expertise: Management, Fleet Management, Maintenance Management, Engineering, Project Management, and Organisational Behaviour 

Cornwell Chadya
Executive: Finance
Mr Webster Gonzo
Executive: Human Capital

Date reappointed – October 2019
Area of expertise: negotiation, training, talent and career development, coaching and mentoring

Gideon Eiseb
Executive: Operations (Act)
Ms Alynsia Platt
Executive: Properties

Re-appointment May 2023

Area of expertise: Real estate development, negotiation, brokerage, short sales

Executive: Technology and Innovation