Welcome to the engine room of TransNamib’s operations and technical prowess, where efficiency and innovation drive our core business functions.

Our Operations Business Unit is the heartbeat of TransNamib, ensuring seamless administrative, logistical, and operational excellence every day. Here’s a glimpse into what makes us tick:

  • Service Delivery: We excel in freight handling, prioritising safe and efficient movement of goods to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Train Operations: As specialists in bulk transport by rail, we leverage our extensive network to optimise cargo movement across Namibia.
  • Passenger Services: We’re committed to providing cost-effective and safe rail transport options for passengers, enhancing connectivity and accessibility.

Together with our dedicated Engineering business unit, Operations forms the backbone of TransNamib’s success. Our goal is clear: to set the standard for transportation excellence across Africa.

Within Operations, our focus is on strengthening service delivery mechanisms, optimising cargo control, enhancing freight services, and ensuring smooth terminal and station operations.

We prioritise optimal utilisation of passenger and freight resources, aiming to deliver top-quality services at competitive costs while maximising returns for TransNamib.

Join us as we pave the way for exceptional service delivery, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the transportation industry. TransNamib is poised to lead the charge toward a brighter, more connected future.

Contact us: +26481 985 2002