Our History

The trajectory of the TransNamib brand unfolds as a remarkable journey marked by resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the advancement of Namibia’s railway sector. With roots deeply embedded in a legacy of service, TransNamib has consistently sought to connect people, goods, and communities across the nation.

Commencing over 126 years ago, our brand’s origin lies in the visionary foresight of our forefathers who recognised Namibia’s significance as a vital hub for the movement of goods. The inception of this journey traces back to 1895 with the construction of a modest mining rail line at Cape Cross. A pivotal moment arrived in 1897 when authorities initiated the construction of the “Staatsbahn” (state railway) from Swakopmund to Windhoek.

Over the course of more than 120 years since its establishment, railway has played a central role in propelling Namibia’s economic development. Additionally, it has afforded landlocked neighboring countries access to goods and services through the globally connected Walvis Bay Port.