Human Capital

Welcome to the dynamic world of Human Capital at TransNamib Holdings Ltd, where we cultivate and empower exceptional talent to drive our company’s success.

At TransNamib, our Human Capital department is at the forefront of shaping our workforce strategy, focusing on key functions to enhance organisational effectiveness:

  • Human Resource Services: Our team manages HR systems, personnel administration, employee benefits, and payroll to ensure a seamless employee experience.
  • Industrial Relations: We foster strong relationships between TransNamib and our 1200+ employees, maximising mutual effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • Training & Development: We create a nurturing environment for employee self-development and growth, offering critical skills development through apprenticeships and trade hand training schemes.
  • Organisational Development: This team drives transformative interventions to enhance human capital, focusing on talent management, performance optimisation, skills audits, job analysis, job description development, job evaluation, and grading.
  • TransNamib aspires to be an employer of choice and a beacon of best practices in Human Capital management.

In pursuit of excellence, our Human Capital Department is dedicated to:

  • Active and strategic recruitment
  • Developing and maintaining company policies
  • Providing comprehensive human resources services
  • Prioritising employee training and development
  • Ensuring health, safety, and loss control
  • Managing employee benefits and security
  • Nurturing robust Industrial Relations

Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine industry standards and empower our workforce to thrive in a dynamic and supportive environment at TransNamib.

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