Engineering and Technical Services

Welcome to the Engineering & Technical Services powerhouse at TransNamib Holdings, where innovation and precision converge to maintain our critical assets and drive operational excellence.

Our mission is clear: to uphold and optimise the entire spectrum of productive assets essential for TransNamib’s operations. From locomotives and rolling stock to rail infrastructure, motor vehicles, and advanced engineering facilities, we ensure these assets are not only maintained but also optimised for peak performance.

Within our dynamic business unit, we’ve carved out four specialised divisions:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Masters of locomotive and rolling stock repair and maintenance.
  • Civil Engineering: Guardians of railways, bridges, and buildings that form our vital infrastructure.
  • Electrical & Telecommunications: Experts in electrical and telecom systems that keep our operations connected.
  • Research & Development: Pioneers exploring innovative technologies to enhance our infrastructure and operations.

Our vast network spans 2,687 kilometers of railway routes, bolstered by a fleet that includes 71 diesel-electric locomotives, 1,658 wagons, 74 passenger coaches, and much more. Behind this impressive infrastructure, a dedicated team of 781 engineering professionals ensures our assets meet rigorous standards and certifications.

At TransNamib we’re driving continuous improvement and embracing cutting-edge technologies to propel TransNamib into the future of rail transport. Join us on this transformative journey as we engineer excellence and advance Namibia’s transportation landscape.

Contact us: +26481 958 2016