Corporate Services

Welcome to the nucleus of TransNamib’s strategic management and corporate governance—the Corporate Services department. Our mission is to orchestrate and elevate the company through comprehensive and effective corporate services that align with strategic goals, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance principles.

Within our dynamic department, you’ll find specialised divisions dedicated to:

  • Legal Services: Providing expert legal counsel and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Internal Audit Services: Safeguarding organisational integrity through meticulous audits and risk assessments.
  • Health, Safety, and Loss: Fostering a culture of safety, health, and loss prevention.
  • Security Services: Safeguarding assets and ensuring a secure operational environment.

At TransNamib, we’re committed to excellence in governance and service delivery. Join us as we steer the company toward sustainable growth and operational excellence, anchored by robust corporate services that uphold our values and drive us forward.

Contact us:  +264 81 958 2070