Bulk Freight

We cover Namibia with rail and facilitate trade with SADC members, supported by our fully-equipped modern container facilities in Windhoek.

TransNamib provides specialised bulk-transport services to most major economic sectors in Namibia. Our core business lies in bulk freight logistics solutions designed for customers in the various industries. These include mining, construction, building materials, bulk fuel, liquids, agriculture and heavy industry. TransNamib has the experience and expertise to convey any bulk freight in an efficient and cost-effective manner no matter what your specific requirements might be. We carry the benefit of a long-standing track record in handling bulk cargo and have tailor-made solutions for vast requirements.

Being the national transport and logistics service provider, we cater for the bulk transportation needs of the main sectors of the Namibian economy and beyond. In short, we cater for a diverse customer base and target market.


The agricultural sector provides one of the largest forms of employment in Namibia and it contributes to around 5% of the national Gross Domestic Product. Main commodities transported by TransNamib within the Agriculture sector are milk product, sugar, timber, maize, wheat, firewood, stock feed, charcoal, fertilizer, amongst other.  TransNamib therefore serves the needs of the farming industry and local mills.


The Namibian mining industry is based on the extraction and export of its minerals such as uranium, copper, coal, amongst other. TransNamib provides a tailor-made rail transport solution to most of all the mines in Namibia. Main commodities transported on rail are uranium, copper, coal, zinc, machinery for mining, and other exporting mining products. For larger mining companies such as Rossing Uranium and those located close to the rail network, TransNamib provides the ultimate in door-to-door service with private sidings.


Building Material
The building/construction sector is one of the leading sectors in the Namibian economy, both on the private and the public sector.  TransNamib’s main focus is to provide an economical transport solution for the importing and distribution of building materials such as cements, steels, bricks, irons, sands etc.


Heavy Industry
Manufactures and other business involved in heavy industry have and continue to be significant part of TransNamib’s business. We focus on transportation of heavy commodities such as motor vehicles, tractors, hardware, machineries, pipes, bottles, electrical appliances, amongst others. TransNamib has a proven track record in heavy industry sector and can anticipate your needs and design a cost-effective logistic solution that suits your needs.


Fuel and Liquids
Oil and gas exploration is at an early stage in Namibia, with only 17 wells drilled to date. Namibia’s largest commercial hydrocarbon discovery, the Orange Basin Kudu gas field, is, however, estimated to hold 1.3 trillion cubic feet of proven reserves, with gas production expected to start in 2015.  (NSA, 2014 data)

TransNamib is proud to be the major transporter of bulk liquids such as Fuel, Jet Fuel, Petroleum Gas, Oil, Avgas, amongst others. We offer specialised tank wagons for transporting of fuel and petroleum to all main towns and city across Namibia. TransNamib delivers fuel in bulk to the depots of all commercial retails in Namibia such as Total, Vivo,Engen, Puma and Namcor.