TransNamib Holdings Limited accepts all normal commodities for transportation. However; special conditions will apply to hazardous goods and consignments not conforming to normal specifications. Goods handed in for carriage must be suitably packed for transportation purposes. A special OPX envelope, for dispatch of documents only, is available. These envelopes can be purchased in advance and the price thereof covers the transport cost of the envelope to all OPX destinations.

Tariffs Mass: Transport charges will be calculated on actual or volumetric mass whichever is the highest. To calculate the volumetric mass of a parcel, the following formula is applied:

Volumetric Mass [kg] =length (cm) X width (cm) X height (cm)



TransNamib Holdings Ltd accepts liability for valid claims to a maximum of N$ 500 000.00 per consignment. This liability shall equal the consignment value stated on the waybill or, alternatively, the cost price plus freight and insurance, whichever is less. Claims must be lodged with our claims department within three months of the consignment date.