TransNamib customers range from different types of services the company offers. The company provides a wide range of services are such as Bulk Freight, Containerized Services, TNX/OPX, Special Trains and Passenger Services. TransNamib also offer road transportation services in combination with Rail.


As the sole shareholder, the Ministry of Works and Transport exercises non-regulatory control over the Company through the appointment of the non-executive directors. The SOE Governance Act requires, in terms of Section 21, that the Board shall enter into a performance agreement with the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management from the SOE.


TransNamib views its workforce as the most important resources it has in endeavoring to meet its strategic objectives. With 1802 permanent employees, the Company is a significant employer in Namibia, contributing towards employment creation and poverty alleviation.


TransNamib seeks to acquire quality goods and services at the lowest total cost of ownership by working resourcefully, efficiently, effectively and ethically with both current and prospective suppliers. For more information please contact Procurement division @ +264 298 2132